Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is coming —

and it's scary!

These girls are happy, though. They live in a perpetual state of merrymaking in the re-created woods of Salem, Massachusetts, in the basementy exhibits of the Witch History Museum, one of three coordinated sites, each with its own set of moldering dummies that are accompanied by live people who narrate facts about The Land of Witches and Pirates.

Like this guy on the right; I forgot his name, but he was funny. The Birkenstock sandals are a a great anachronistic touch, don't you think? He neither took himself too seriously nor was a bored worker. I had the feeling he was probably in community theater, too. The young woman who led us through the museum on Essex Street was quite like a friend of mine who is in comm. theat. here, and the tour at the Witch Dungeon Museum opens with a staged piece about the trials and has the cast's 8"x10" head-shots posted on the wall in the foyer.

[all photos by GEAR, 9/11/2009]

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Hyperblogal said...

I'm pretty sure the middle picture is of a NE Chamber Meeting.