Thursday, November 26, 2009

34th Street

This shopping pep rally is so distinctly American. Oh, we consume so well, even when we don't have a dime to spare.

The marching band tradition is not one I understand (in my own culture; I think it's a symptom of my being in parochial / Catholic schools.

Speed Racer Enterprises. A whole "enterprises."

The commentary about the toys and things "that we celebrate" is pretty good this year. I mean, I appreciate learning that the creator of the Sponge Bob Squarepants character who irritates me so much was a marine biologist.

I am thinking about those copywriters and the white-suited radio-eared balloon techs. The ad writers and the balloon designers — as well as the entertainers — all fall under the category of "working artist." There are 5.7 million FT such folks in our country.

Since the parade is followed by the national dog show, the NBC commentators are talking about the history of a wiener dog float, which is followed, unfortunately, by the Jimmy Dean sausage company float, with a performance by a nice blonde country singer … sounding better than Alan Cumming's Broadway piece with the M&Ms.

There was a granny tricycle troupe from Ohio. My.

Geez, when is Santa coming?

Well, at least there's Sailor Mickey, courtesy of Disney Cruise Line. A Disney cruise sounds like an on-water Dante's Inferno to me.

It's noon in NCY and 54ºF.

(The Macy*s ad is making me want to buy down-alternative comforters — including two pillows — for $34.99 … there is no way I am ever going shopping on "Black Friday," a name which I have never understood, considering we name our stock market crashes black, too.)

OMG, they have the Oneida Indian Nation — please tell me they are not promoting silverware … they are dancing on a turtle … promoting peace and love, commentator tells me, "in the true Spirit of Thanksgiving."

Gibson Guitars has Jimmy Fallon. Hmm. Holiday medley. That drummer needs to stick-synch better …

Snooooopppy … is 59 years old!

The space-slinky dancer girls were good.

This parade has grown tiresome. New York Daily News and Dora the Explorer …

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Hyperblogal said...

Parades now days are just motorized commercials.