Thursday, December 31, 2009


The one from the 16.5-year-old boy who is living in an almost-man's body abated when I pulled the mother card … his next text said he was only joking, that he was over it, and then he asked what I knew of the Bible.

There were a few more texts about a church and things; but since then, I have not had the repeated "hi" notes, which I had previously left unanswered for the duration of the holiday +. Last month, I incurred $30 of extra texting charges.

The one who I suspect of flirting is still elusive and confusing. She uses sweet terms like "dear" and she and her former boyfriend seemed to send certain vibes. Or, it's just my ridiculous projections stemming from a hormone-dazed brain.

The third is new in person and familiar spiritually. However, I recall ruining relationships with S.P., A.H. and N.S., so, nothing.



hearmysong said...

too much code for me to decodify...
but that's the point, eh?

Applecart T. said...

as long as you don't recognize your initials (they're not there : ) — you're safe.

that's what happens on a full moon in t-land.

Hyperblogal said...

I don't see my initials or my alias initials, but then I have been extremely circumspect in my stalking activities which involve goggles and instant potatoes.
when were you at the Museum... it would have saved me some drive time!

My word verification is "culasi" which is what you do when you want a collie to act.