Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Does not

: give opinions on art (visual, performance, musical, etc.) after 11 p.m., local time

: understand why some people insist in typing lists of things in all caps … un-alphabetized — it's like some tortuous typing test from the past; remember thinking, "I'll never use this! Why do I have to learn this?" Ah-ha, to those of you in marketing, writing or other form of journalism (eg: taking someone else's facts and rendering them stylistically consistent and rhetorically relevant and possibly enjoyable for a market-specific median audience). Do you not love retyping basic information? It is difficult to confront people with requests for specific forms of information … but I think some of the fellow recipients would welcome the change, too

: know how to reconcile so many adventure-choosing scheduling conflicts, made up of interlocking, inter-consequential elements as they are

: understand how some people can't remember to do anything without a direct (passive is not enough) reminder, which is issued after a deadline and concerning whole or parts of information /actions necessary and previously requested for similar and recurring events

: choose to employ a filter at this time.

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hearmysong said...

love u t.