Sunday, December 06, 2009

Procrastination Street

It is the location of this sidewalk.

I am just quite the girl (woman; can't use inexperience as an excuse) who can't say no.
Went to a party last night. Not a debilitating one, but it was 4 hours of non-studying / non-reading. Went to lunch today as a premise for going to pick up bird seed and then see the Interdisciplinary Art Department students' semester show.

Now, tired, playing with the dinner hour … it feels 5 hours later in the day than it is.

Maybe if St. Nicolas had come this morning and brought me some chocolates and vintage toys from eBay …

How far can she push this? She doesn't care much for the outcome, since it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to, once deciding that's all that's left to do. Empowerment is the name of the academic game. When you "know" something and know that you could explain and expand on it, enlighten others (ha ha) and generally contribute to the academic dialogue … you — I, at least — tend to be done with it right there. It is the difference between the good and bad student. (The excellent student runs head-on through a thing such as a research paper, genuinely excited about the discovery, the proof, the rhetoric.)

She is having trouble reading white-on-black text. It creates a dyslexic learning disability … jumpy yellowing text is hard to absorb; our reading channels are set where they are / those of us who can skim at a mere glance don't have time to be sympathetic and learn how the other side feels. Want the data.

Can someone come and read it to me while I sleep?

Meanwhile, bring some exercises for my latissimus dorsi, as they are suffering terribly. Whole spinal column is expressing angers.

There is a movement in the state of T. by the ageists; their slogan is: "I'm tired of being an intellectual; I think I shall become a physical." The election is on January 10th, so we'll keep you posted on what happens.


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