Monday, December 14, 2009


Can maybe fix the depression part of your "bipolar disorder," but like all these brain-things, it also makes old people suddenly die and youngish people (before and after teens) want to suddenly kill themselves.

Hmm. I'm in the clear! I never blend into the couch or grocery isle.

I love the part in the friendly-images commercial voiceover that says, "If you feel confused, call your doctor." Hmm. How does that happen.

What about, "If I already feel all that, the muscle spasms ('which may be permanent'!!! with this drug) and the random overwhelmsions that make certain oblivions seem like a good idea?"

I LOVE how xyz drug company says, "Please contact us if you can't afford our drug." We WANT you to take it. Ugh.

AMERICA, do that with all your meds! See what happens. Call it in.

We have a few weeks to go before that Senate has that healthcare reform deadline …


Hyperblogal said...

"..... if you experience rectal bleeding and sudden death while on this drug, please stop taking it immediately and notify your doctor."

Applecart T. said...

That Congress; I tried to be supportive and optimistic. Like everyone my age, I give up on those people. Darn. And I can't even go to Canada b/c of their evil bitumen oil dealy. Should have been a cut-throat and made my millions in the stock market in the '90s.

Rats, Charlie Brown!

Applecart T. said...