Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Google "Cure PMS"

as she did, just checking, since G. has all answers most of the time …


and you will find one of the largest collections of unproven BS and "we don't know what it is but we recommend x, y, z"-nesses on the interweb's planet.

what a joke.

"might be caused by hormones." that's funny. i suppose, then, it might equally be caused by killer whale's killing anything morsel-y and available or, perhaps, caused by seismic waves and moon-cycles and fairies and how clean one's sheets are …

"reduce alcohol, caffeine, sodium, etc." — WHATEVER*

whatever happened to: "it's normal and o.k. to drop the heck out of life / you are not broken, you are a woman / go and be creative and alone / you have superpowers of emotion and insight / you are preparing to create an egg that can quite potentially become ANOTHER HUMAN BEING?"

… dear matriarchy, where are you hiding?

these are my so-called issues with "it."

[[the fact that there are not more female mass-murderers / artists is a testament to how well we sisters keep it under control / you testicaled beings should (again, always, more so — poor persecuted ones, we're sorry) feel (even more) ashamed of yourselves (for all that war and gun and business business, etc.)]].

desiresonnutrition-front —
since when does any one's body lie about what it needs?)

** you're lucky / unlucky that i'm not posting the "i love my ice-cream-cone breasts of 'really, 35.5?'" pics along with this. shall have to be reserved for print / those who pay our mortgage : )


Hyperblogal said...

All of a sudden I'm afraid, very afraid....

Anonymous said...

it is said that the guns and wars and buildings are all simply to get at that egg or even to make one important in the face of NOT being that vessel of life.

pom. said...

i like that your smiley got cut in 2 on this post.