Monday, April 19, 2010

April 10

Spring flower shot repeat.

Align CenterYou may know how I feel about this.

Summertime in the City: Preview (home for sale).

Trash container abuse.

Counting for parking challenged.

Back o'cherry contrast shake. (when housing market collapses).

Construction Dove, on the job.

Suspicious Chain.

Example of a reasonably-sized restaurant exhaust fan. ALL my desired needs!

Alley Violets.

Complementary Transit Stop.

Destination in Sight.

Apex / Vulcan "superburner." I'm too negligent to know what order to put their names.

Petition Man Rocks the Neon-Red Sweater.

Scalping is legal, apparently; you can even harass the disabled, who, we believe, would have planned ahead with tickets, don't you?

My camera seems racist. Fellow is homeless-like and wearing slippers outdoors. I saw some white, well-employed fellows doing that at You Say Tomato that Sunday. I called them on it. Holy gross America. "I am on Medicare, and I didn't vote for Obama." Conservative radio man would not concede (talked past me) that that entitlement was equally wasteful and/or effective and should be disparaged as much as the newer health care initiative.

She was with sign-man. See below.

Lost points with the hippie dentist b/c of profanity.

Bush lied: people died.

Did not know they made Velcro shoes any more. They do still kill abortion providers, though.

Call it! It's a sequential radio play!

Most comfortable bar stools ever. Plus, free food on Saturdays.

What happens when a girl misses the friends she meant to meet and ends up meeting an over-pseudoephedrined dentist and a younger and straight-edge journalist/ painter with a rescued chow-lab pup (that they let us bring in the bar! : ) PS, I pissed some people off, I know; and men who knew damned well they were not getting anything in return paid for drinks and a cab ride. I don't get it; honesty is a policy — does it work? Oh, and the "I'm retiring in 15 working days" bartender, she gave me a free drink herself. Is she not used to dollar tips?

She said she did it because I was nice. She's in the education business. "Italian by injection." I can only remember one of her son's professions right now.

Dialogue we met on (I began, after I saw the "cash only" sign taped up under the top shelf, which is really only the second one, the top's being occupied with a faded badger and cobra-mongoose motif):

"How much is the Bushmill's?"

"What's a Bushmill's?"

"It's a whiskey you have over there."

: )

It was $4 then and $5.50 later after the Jello-shot-pusher girl came on shift. Someone bought a number of the customers a shot made of something called 53 (or so, from Spain); one adds half-and-half to it and it looks like a tiny beer and tastes like vanilla ice cream. Good lord.

I am not the sharpest crayon in the box. But duller crayons are the ones that are used more (and by both those who do and don't have the biggest box alike, the one with the sharpener. Still, I had some of the most satisfying conversations that day that I've had in ages. You might know the value of that. There is more, but it waxes negative, reflecting poorly on the "art community," and it is of little entertainment value). Me and they are fairly severed. In that way, it was like being on vacation; you may collect addresses (and even use them once or twice, but that will be the end of it).

Above: Two out of three; dentist not found.


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