Sunday, May 02, 2010

4 facts about which I am disturbed

1. My attractiveness seems strongest with men over 60.

2. Two of my first cousins (with kids) have lost their homes recently.

3. I saved 2 or 3 flies today.*

4. Flies understand English: "Go to that window, and you can be saved," said the lady with the Crate & Barrel catalog.

*(One might have re-entered, one of those fat, live-in-wood-all-winter kind).

**I talked to mom today; that part was good : )

****This is not my photo, but it is my hometown.


m.v. said...

1 is the most important.unacceptable.

hearmysong said...

at least someone finds you attractive??? (trying to find bright side)

I seem to be attractive to four-year-old boys, and that's about it.

Hyperblogal said...

Why yes... I feel the attraction... or is that gas from lunch.