Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I did trip and fall on Tuesday … on a decline, in chunky yet inflexible heel sandals …
Left ankle became parallel with the asphalt earth,
Right knee and ankle-bone bear red witness to the occasion.

I was speeding up based on someone I had just passed (whom I did not fear, but I always have to make my point).

He did not see me fall.

What is nice to report is that my left foot (isn't that a movie?)
Can almost do everything it's asked to do today, only 30+ hours later.

So, it wasn't the worst thing ever.

But it still hurts like … well, if I were a mere Homo erectus, I wouldn't have made it,
Unless those theories about caring (among that genetic strain) are true.

No photos of my brick-red scrapes are available.

1 comment:

Applecart T. said...

foot is almost fully functional again.
must have been some kind of magical non-sprain.
i'm still afraid of walking.