Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sure smells sweet


hearmysong said...

these are from your recent trip, yes? love the bottles. and others. makes me want to see the triptych (sp? i'm lazy) fountain.

Applecart T. said...

most of the pics from downtown okc were done in the spirit of gloom. it was hot and my mood was fine, but any midwestern business district on a sunday morning is a horrid expression of failure. those fountains might be o.k. with lots of people around them. otherwise, desolate, decaying, depressing. i liked the light. the old art deco. reminds of st. louis. which is probably the source of the gloom-association b/c that city has made some downtown improvements since i left it.

and my dad was on the phone during most of the shooting… talking about a friend of his who is probably dead now.

the soda place is pops on route 66 in arcadia, oklahoma. a 5-mile detour off interstate 35 and very pop-ular, won AIA regional design awards (i gave them some magazines with that noted on one page : ), sells tons of awesome sugar and was fun to pull into in my rental silver charger with california plates.