Monday, October 04, 2010


You know that scene near the end of "Cabaret," when Liza Minnelli's character, Sally, flops backwards into her featherbed, still wearing the black-sequined dress with the goldfishes on it, after being confronted by Brian (Peter York) about her abortion?

What about that one where Stella (Kim Hunter) runs up the stairs the second time, with the baby, fleeing her husband, at the end of the movie?

And when Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) and Elaine (Katharine Ross) make it to the back of the bus after she abandons her post-"I do"-stage wedding?

No, I'm not with child in any way, but I have as much uncertainty. I don't know what to do or whether what I've almost done is a good idea.


Nick said...

nor will you until it's past; most significant change follows that exact template.

' could stay the same.

Le Grand Lapin said...

You'll make the best decision for where you are now. Ten, fifteen years from now may look different.

I wake up every morning thinking, "What have I done?"