Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You know what

I bet that this rashy thing on the back of my hand is not a bed-bug creation;
Not only do the photos of people's bites and giant pink patches look unlike my hands'
Itchy bumps (much tinier), and not only can I not find any creatures around here
(Nor know of anyplace I, hermit, would have obtained them),
But I seem to remember that I am allergic to (tragedy!!) lavender oil.

It was the best deodorant I ever used; it built up quickly in my system and became
An itchy bumpy disaster.
This cuticle lotion (somewhat of a solid) works excellently, of course, and contains lavender oil
(And tea tree oil that I'm thankful not to be allergic to, but perhaps I am;
I have had a lot of it in
My life, and it's probable that it is some kind of combination reaction);
So, sigh, am I resigned to use the free gifted Avon products in lieu of those on Esty, the
Ones that contain "urea?"
I would so much rather sustain allergic reactions.
That's how "liberals" or anyone with "ideals"
Rolls …
Suffers out of illogical decisions.
Because the condition is also recently on the back of my other hand but not as severe (yet), and what bugs pick two non-close body parts to chomp on?
My hands, wintery dry, are the main place I put the lotion from a company that made the most affordable rose-true bath salts … I think that the couple split up.
There was an Etsy "we have moved" notice, but that link was defunct, too.
I hate getting addicted to things.


hearmysong said...

Urea is heavy-duty moisturizer. My doc has combined it with OTC AMMONIUM LACTATE (AMLACTIN) and that seemed to do the trick with repeated use.

Hyperblogal said...

Mr. Daisy recommends repetitive licking. In the event that doesn't work try amputation. A disabled Editor Person could seek all new avenues of donations.

Applecart T. said...

dear old skin,
really, a month, a MONTH, and you're almost not totally healed yet? granted, i know she kept applying said poison allergen oil product for weeks, but still.