Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Stops Me

In its tracks.

What is it about knowing that everyone else is sitting around watching Netflix and TV and baking cookies and whatnot that makes me unable to work, even though my job-duties are performable from any Internet-connected location?

What is it, indeed.

Only 40% can be attributed to the same thing that is causing me to regret right now —
Seriously —
The fact that, after months of deliberation, I finally threw out 4 jars of pickle juice, ie: sugared vinegar, the other week.


So, I ate a teaspoon or so of mustard after swishing around a mouthful of sea salt.
It might not be enough.

I was mesmerized like a cat watching the goldfish all day yesterday … something about swirling sky flakes is just magical.
Today, we shoveled, and so I feel all accomplished.
I'm alternately freezing to death or overheated.

Very full of food (though calorie-count might be under the 2,000 range; too hard to tell with homemade soup), but actually having pangs. There also was 700 kcal of Taco Bell. Last night put down 250 of Neufchatel. Woke up starving.

Knowing I will hardly eat all next week doesn't make it any easier to keep gorging.
Besides, I'm really sick of eating only these two soups (and cheese and blue corn chips).
The tomatoes went bad.
Oh, and I had the last grapefruit.

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year; Metal Rabbit, bound my way and bring me gold, o.k.?

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