Monday, March 07, 2011


As in Drew's: "I'm thinking of taking out that new girl from."

Points: a message from 4.5 days ago was only just received tonight (because it was on phone-of-spouse who is blessedly disconnected from the endorphine-inducing thing that I heard is the root of why some of us obsessively check and answer emails and texts, a trait of indifference I do not share but somewhat envy);

Neither my manager nor this unknown personnel person, who repeated her partial phone number several times in the message, stumbling as if she were not able to find the paper it was written on, called ME first — or EVER.

(She concluded by giving a local number that has 11 digits and starts with the usual six for the building, a number which, oddly — can anyone else share what this is about — matched what the "missed calls" log displayed. Eleven digits.)

So, a person calls in sick well ahead of shift. Has confirmed sick-time even and conveys fact of leave-time in message.*
Does not get call back.
Goes to sleep.

Calls in subsequent night, etc.
No call back.
Thanks, manager!
Now I know the entire department is in line with the utter unhappy that I was feeling.
I thought I liked you; you did have certain encouraging skills, but perhaps you share my feelings about confrontation.

A few days before, you apologized in front of others of us to a man, who had called in three or four times when he was genuinely ill, for not calling him back!**

Condition me once.
Shame on us.

They don't love you; they don't care (and they seem barely competent, though they display more energy and "this is important" about their jobs than I ever have in public).

* Confirms (in quotes) time-off-earned only after spending at least 20 minutes clicking through and through and through on the employee convenience website, taking at least 15 minutes to make up a ridiculously proscribed password (must have 30 letters, 4.3 of them capitalized, plus 32 numbers, and at least one symbol) — a site that (surprise, bureaucracy!) provides conflicting information about my leave status.

** (I mostly believe; he's a post-cushy-corporate too-quiet-talker who seemed somewhat delicate; he really did seem to have post-24-hour stomach bug that night.)


Anonymous said...

i guess i'm not in the know: why should your manager call you, again? to confirm recipt of off-time? odd.

Applecart T. said...

because that's their policy.