Sunday, October 02, 2011


We measure things in months, which vary in the number of sunrises, on a cycle of 12. By that standard, it's been more than one. By another standard, it's been about three.

I think it's a consequence of A) my not being at liberty to be on the Internet any time I feel inspired; B) the fact that I am not often inspired in general, even as unrelated to my so-called indentured v. free time.

Tasks include: photocopy and sort; shop for supplies; endure leers and odd comments from process server known to be inexpensive, effective, and creepy; re-sort 1,000-page items into categories sub-arranged by date, ascending … given that said pages are as randomized as a jar of sand; answer door on lower level 3-7 times a day; answer a cheery, "Yes?!" whenever one of three beckon-ers decides to call (and it's not like we're all that close — shouting, it's some kind of wave of the future … I am subordinate and so send "you get to it when you can" emails — some of which are answered with a shout) … it's a bit like living with the bad parts of certain stepparents and others from my past.

For 10 dollars an hour. No benefits. No paid vacation, not even Labor Day.

Wrecking my chances? To sell you my time and rent you my brain? Maybe being hungry is just as well. I need to lose 20 pounds anyway, and I'm always "lamenting" the surplus of odd items and things (all old; nothing here is new by any means, except certain foods) collecting up in this glorified treehouse we have a mortgage on.

So, I haven't blogged (can't get used to this verb) in more than a month. Not since it was 100 degrees, 50 more than it will be tonight. Tomorrow is Monday, and Monday in the proper capitalized sense. Some people have to work on them, so I can see it's no great leap to have me have the day off but without pay. It's only convention, after all.

I think I have a mind to go cemetery-walking. I haven't seen collective personal monuments in years. I let a silverfish live today, and I'm not sure whether it was out of laziness or fear of having it fall into the bed, or a false sense of "live and let live." To the gross critter that has come to symbolize my failure, it doesn't matter; it's doing fine.


hearmysong said...

I made vegan chocolate mousse and bulgur-lentil pilaf yesterday (and suffered most of the evening); folded laundry til nearly midnight; took a two-hour nap; played four rounds of "guess who?"; finished _the cookbook collector_; picked up from sunday school; watched the series premiere of _pan am_; and biked for forty minutes.

would have preferred cemetery walking with you! :)

Aimee said...
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pom. said...

hey. nice to see you.
almost every night before we get into bed we have to kill one of the house centipedes. I assume there are approximately 1 million living in our attic.

I love reading your posts.
I love Fall!
Cemetery walking!
There's a cemetery by where we used to live and when we pass it we always tell Beebs about how we always took her walking there (via stroller) when she was a little baby. I can't help but do math the entire time I'm walking in a cemetery. math and story-creating.

By my dad's grave there's this headstone for an entire family, mom, dad and their little baby that were killed on christmas day.

i didn't mean to be debi downer.

beebs and I found a dead bird in our backyard and I wanted to take a picture of it to post for you but it was nearly unrecognizable. beebs said a huge mosquito probably got it. she might be right..they are pretty big.

Nick said...

photocopy and sort

isn't life amazing?