Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3434 Paseo

February 2 and today.

The Christ Temple Pentecostal Church One, Inc. bought the house at Armour and Paseo in August 2004 for $125,000, and now, they're tearing it down.

At least they had joined up with the Congregation Beth Shalom back in 1999 to save the 1927 synagogue down the street that has belonged to them since 1969.

(White flight, hints the KC Public Library's description: Kansas City’s core suffered from a general population migration after World War II. Dear Jewish friends, please enlighten; when the Census asks, do you check the "white? box")

At any rate, I'm going to miss that house.


frog pajamas said...

I drive by this house every morning on my way to work. I have seen it torn down bit by bit, and it was such a pretty house too. Looks like they will be finished soon.

trAcy said...

that kind of place is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in good condition.

it still cracks me up that this one went for the price of a two-bedroom bungalow.

it seems to take millionaires to pay for the utility bills in such grandiose (and outdated but gorgeous and solid and substantial and soooooo much more inspiring than urban "in fill" housing) places. . .and to save them.

Applecart T. said...

To Mr./Ms. B.
I can't find your comment here and am too silly to understand where it may be living except in my email notification.
Yes, of course, you may use the pics for the purpose you describe. I had forgotten about this house.

I am checking archives to look for the original JPGs to send to you.

Please contact me at okonomiakigadaiski (at) yahoo.com, and I can send them. Curious about the project, too (because I'm always curious / an urban development journalist-type : )