Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If a tree

falls in our National Forests, do the bushes notice?

George W. might. If it fell on him.

Remind me once again, who do these lands belong to? You. Me. Do you want the government to sell our land to pay for a few years of education (so they say)?

No? Then you agree with a number of Republicans in Congress who oppose the president's plan to sell 200,000 acres of National Forest for $800 million to "re"fund the money that would be lost from a proposed phasing out of the Secure Rural Schools and Communities Self-Determination Act, which six years ago was put into place to "re"fund the money lost to these communities by scaled back logging rules.

The Missouri Governor (also R) opposes it, too.

He said: Missouri’s natural resources are not a commodity. They are intended to be enjoyed by all, not to be sacrificed just to fill holes in the federal budget.

At stake in our homestate is 21,000 acres of the Mark Twain National Forest.

You have less than 24 hours to get your comments to the Forest Service: e-mail them at before their comment period deadline, midnight tonight.

And pester your Congress, too.

Other forests we may lose: in Idaho

in Tennessee and Carolina.


Susan said...

I doubt he would notice even if it did fall on him, unless he were hunting with Cheney and ... oh, too tired even to go there. You know, t., anyone can do a quotes list but see you have all this great Meaningful and Substantive stuff in your blog (that is said in earnest, not sarcastically) and I just babble in mine, and not only that but even tho I have real pain about issues like this, I guess I'm a little like one of those do-nothing-about-the-trash homeowners in KC: my first instinct is simply to try to find a way to move to France. Not a good response, even if it is out of feelings of futility instead of apathy... sigh.

trAcy said...

oh, we all want to move somewhere. my goal is mexico. if only they would let me buy property. i promise i won't take away anyone's job. : )