Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It takes a long time for legislation to change culture, so I am dubious at how revamping the federal nutrition guidelines (which are slightly younger than I am) will make people stop eating fatty and sugary foods.

Some bipartisan group wants this done.

What they should concentrate on is how quickly the bad American diet has interfered with the health of people in countries where KFC, McDonald's and other calorie-laden, hydrogenated, meat-ful and fried food companies are relatively new imports.

Or how government promotion of pork, cheese and beef, coupled with corporate promotion of chips, soda/pop and all things high-fructose corn syrup has led to really horrible fodder for "the children are our future."

With the onset of summer, the Center for Science in the Public Interest released a "report card" on school lunch.

Missouri (and Kansas) are among the 23 states that failed miserably. All you have to do is look at us to know this is true.

Solutions include (gasp in amazement, everyone) designing human living zones to be walkable/non-car dependent.

Not having a car this past month has even shown me that a tiny amount of walking, which is easier to do if you are actually going somewhere and not just circling about, actually makes a difference.

Of course, I'm down with having the car back. Even if it is as slow as the bus and leaking precious resources all the time.

PS: I'm mad because the car-repair people I was all ready to ban from my life and money only ended up charging me $10 to plug up a nail hole in one of my tires.

They came out yesterday and today to start and retrieve my car that's been parked in the same spot for a fortnight. Turns out the only issue with starting (and I hope they're right) is that some wire from the engine to the distributor had gotten loose. Since they put that part in a while back, the work fell under some kind of warranty, more or less.

PPS: These nails are all from the parking lot over the last year or so. When it rains, nails of all sorts emerge from the remains of nearby "remodeling" projects. And/or we are under sabotage.

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