Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dinner plate

We almost ran over this guy last night. He's resting here on the sidewalk, after having flippered north across St. John Avenue at breakneck-turtle speed, around Kensington.

For a water turtle, this creature was at least a mile away from anything I would call habitable for a foot-long softshell.

So, in case he was someone's meal ticket or perhaps a displaced "pond ornament," we took him to the closest nature-place to be found after 8 p.m. in Northeast.

He swam away when we set him closer to the water. He has a bum toe. He might get caught from Cliff Drive Lake, but I hope not.

I'm pretty sure he was better off there than in the middle of a concrete jungle. There would have been at least five more streets to cross, and even in the light, he looked really "easy" to run over.

Of course, I acknowledge that I might have ruined his reproduction or other reptilian plans. I do not claim to know anything about what animals are really up to and how much they "need" human intervention.

Or, he may be traveling in disguise.

But he did not object to being placed in a box and he did not grant us any wishes like those magic talking Chinese carp in fairytales.

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