Monday, August 14, 2006

August progress

Such is the fate of all things juicy: brown withering and bugs.

Now that the primary election is over, and once again we see that only 12% of people care (in Kansas City, Mo), we can look forward (?) to the onset of fall when I won't have to go through six hours of delerious fever and active nausea just because I was outside for three and a half hours in the sun without "adequate" breakfast. (I guess, what else is there; there is no zygote nor fetus or other noticable parasites besides bright red ankle-biting insects I think jumped on me from concrete when I was staring at that parking lot sunflower.)

Yes, I drank water, a quart in fact.

Somehow, though, I came out in worse shape that this fellow who tried his luck in the Cliff Drive Classic on Saturday in Northeast, against men who shave their legs and wear slick spandex clothing.
I guess commuting to work on two wheels makes a difference?


DKC said...

Intake of liquids should be measured in litres... that's where you messed up.

trAcy said...

the problem with water is that it is heavy. i didn't expect to be out there longer than 750 mL of fluid would take me. i should have just left when i ran out of water at 12:30

Susan said...

I'm confused - is it when you were waiting to vote? Ma pauvre!

trAcy said...

no, voting season was a bad metaphor for "august elections/summer," when i am all busy with stupid stories about politicians and also forced to go to the annual cycling event, always the second weekend of august. it's not the most well-written thing. . .and by the way, i re-read and looked, but i couldn't find the "to" that was to be "too" or vice-versa. no wonder i didn't get that proofreading job!