Wednesday, August 23, 2006

United States of False Advertising

We're all familiar with the commericials, should we be of the "I watch TV" type, in which Cingular Wireless touts itself as the network with the fewest dropped calls. . .don't know how that can be, while Verizon proclaims to have the largest all-over network. . .just that Sunday, while talking to my brother, who is a customer of the little orange man team, our call was disconnected twice.

The service was poor all around. He was calling from the middle of Kansas, with a Texas number. His "customer service" person was trying to make up some fancy explanation about why that would be a reason, but we say, a tower is a tower, and are left with only the explanation that maybe it's interference from Fort Riley.

My phone company has never not delivered on its weak little promise of my "getting more," as I got married shortly before buying such a thing as two phone numbers that can talk to each other without counting. Never have we overstepped our minute-limit; however my being under 30 (no - wait, that's not true, and I don't have an I-Pod either, so I can't say I'm technologically young and sound) - anyway, I've overtexted almost every month. . .at least since 2006 started.

No, I'm not going to pay five more dollars a month to make that stop. I'll do better next time, I promise. Of course, when I dial the "tell me how many I have left number," all I ever get is an unsatisfying "stick it" (this network function can not be completed).

Is it true like it is on "CSI" and "Prison Break" that the evil G-men and other enemies of my state of mind can't intercept texts?

By the way, my blog is not a reflection of my efforts. . .a whole bunch of wondrous thoughts and junk are still trapped in my head, due to the fact that every time I try to upload a photo here, my browser crashes (Safari; this now is coming from Explorer on the slow PC, and the Explorer solution on the Mac is also unsatisfactory, as the damn thing won't load at all and leaves out the insert photo icon when it did, once. I'm not even confident this is getting up.)

I hate computers; my sources tell me that "something's going on on the Internet." Something like "we're all gonna pay" and "hey, why can't I navigate to that government site anymore?"

Anyone else notice? Is it true that MySpace is going to charge, too?

Good thing I saved the pigeons and the Underwood, eh?

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