Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why do I like this?

And why do I like very little overall?

I keep forgetting that Monday is Christmas, but remember, I spent $900 this month on my car. I know you can get a new car for about that much, "new" being relative and probably all the one I'm driving is worth.

I keep pretending it's a balance, a compromise and even a win that I'm not dishing up $500 a month in a loan payment for a truly new one.

What's 191,000 miles between friends?

The "screw-you, tire" total for the year is now $45 as well. Who keeps dropping screws everywhere?

The fire engines and ambulances have "sweeper" chains that swing around down under the tires to create an all-weather traction situation when it's snowing or icy, I learned from the captain at Station 23, so I'm thinking I need to develop some kind of magnet device to thwart the nails, screws and scrap metal continually in my path.


DKC said...

...I think you like it because it looks like a tyrannosaurus

pomegranate said...

brilliant idea!

frog pajamas said...

personally, i think it looks like Foghorn Leghorn's feet. love the depth of field too.