Friday, June 13, 2008

A-mid Kansas

The town of Salina, Kansas, experienced a tornado Wednesday night, but that was before we arrived. We have learned (it is not new knowledge) that females respond to bird-art. Got three hours of gasoline in your car and a desire to pay the same price ($3.8999/gallon) as in Kansas City, Mo.? Come to the Smoky Hill River Festival, eat fun things, buy crafts, see art, hear music, and watch some of the nicest-seeming folks go by and chat with you (I swear you can literally see family values with your eyes, and, yes, there is diversity here that is surprising); then see us.

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Susan said...

color me jealous! no art fests around here - at least not that I've found so far - I'll check out Gville in July - there's bound to be something! sorry I've been so preoccupied! I'm finally getting back to reading online... bisous!