Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Artists in Salina

Cue Snoopy's imagination and "here's Kansas City's art magazine editor not being able to figure out Flickr and Wordpress simultaneously and after two days of slogging around in the sun," ergo some more photos from the Smoky Hill River Festival, in case anyone is watching and wants to spend Father's Day out in mid-Kansas.

David Exline, Aliso Viejo, California Reinventing the Wheel kinetic sculpture
on Kenwood Bridge
Smoky Hill River Festival at Smoky River: Juniper "TJ" Tangpuz, Kansas City, Missouri, Oh No…Fish Traffic installation in river; David Exline, Aliso Viejo, California, Reinventing the Wheel on Kenwood Bridge
Juniper "TJ" Tangpuz, Kansas City, Missouri, Oh No…Fish Traffic installation in Smoky Hill River, Coroplast, zip-ties, LED lights, dimensions variable and all fun
More Oh No … Fish Traffic
TJ adjusting storm-felled branches to serve for "construction" that diverts catfish cars
GEAR, Kansas City, Missouri, Beaks and Wings, one of four, 8'x8' aerosol paint on panel, in progress
Finished …

Matthew Dehaemers, Kansas City, Missouri, Attack of the Creative Crawlers: The Fab Five IN-Spiders, one of five sculptures
Kat Corrigan (background), Minneapolis, Minnesota, working on Cars as Canvas (for OCCK of Salina, Kansas), with Jan Elftmann's circle car in foreground
Roof detail from Jan Elftmann, Minneapolis, Minnesota, "dino fuel" car

Matthew Burke, Lawrence, Kansas, Salina Art Center artist-in-residence working on The Massasauga Project sculpture, approximately 40' long
Festival participants working on The Massasauga Project
The head of the massasauga river snake sculpture, after more weaving

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joe said...

That looks like fun! Allie and I need to go to that next year. We were just in Salina briefly the weekend before, passing through on our way home from Lucas. We stopped at the art center and were very impressed.