Monday, July 28, 2008

Looking for Earl

Ended up with Lady Grey. She is the only semblance of real tea in this place. Only one packet. I shouldn't complain; my tea homefront is similarly lacking in British support. At the office tea-for-all, it's all tisane, chai blends and herbal entities. Jasmine. The bin is where people's rejected flavors end up. You can't tell tea taste by the box. I can tell, though, that someone should take out the trash.

Word for the day: Stertorous

Wish for the day: fewer animated ads competing for my eyes while I'm trying to read something.


DKC said...

Wow, suggestive dogs, ancient English fun words and now heavy breathing. Methinks thy tea is spiked.

meesha.v said...

use ad-blocker, I have a link in one of the recent posts on my site but don't have it handy right far as tea goes I like regular black loose leaf tea, I buy it at the Indian store