Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ate two

Just a pun on the date. Not talking about batter-dipped weiners anymore.

Been sleeping like a baby. The kind that doesn't sleep through the night (the kind that most actual babies are, in fact, making one question the origin of such expressions — though, yes, I have seen kids and passed out drunks not wake up when all but the walls were falling down around them). The kind that doesn't have to be anti-sentence fragment for, please, please, just one hour or so.

I'm sick of waking up so many times a night, sick of cycling down so many times during the "day." Whose idea was it to go 16-8 all in a row anyway?

Up at 8. Fine, fine. Worked. Fine. Had to go outside to go take photos at Union Station (sadly cube art is only up a few days and won't be there tomorrow), but wasn't I lucky I didn't have to walk? The AC has been running for an entire hour just now. Shoot. Then there was a grocery trip, about $60, which was charged. Don't ask, don't tell.

Granny Smith apples are $6.50 a bag right now. Yes, I understand about seasonalism and such, but they haven't been under $3.99 for a year regardless. If I knew I'd be here long enough, perhaps I'd plant some trees. There really is no room for trees in the yards, though. I could dig out the stupid bushes that didn't quite "take" (previous owner planted poorly).

Won't think about that until the fall, though. The grass is high, the leaves from the storm are tackily all strewn still. I've become the homeowner-type my grandparents could never abide/understand. How can anyone let it go that long? Well, for one, it's hot. For another, I have too much employment-work to do.

Stopped by in-laws to get free tomatoes, fine. Groceries in car did not melt. Home again, still hadn't eaten more than a cookie, 2 p.m. Something I can't recall transpired, probably work, oh, and some birdseed sweeping, ah, yes, I recall, picking the two non-worm-infested tomatoes on my porch and dumping out the maggotty sludge bucket, my composting efforts, onto the brush pile designated for the purpose. I am not going to be raising fruit flies anymore. Screw it.

Making the salsa took a minute. Time flies to about 4 p.m., when she eats. Fine. Only took 30 minutes, and that was stretching it. Came back to office area, did a few more updates to work Web site, should have been revived and all, but sat on bed for some reason, looked at Lily Bart's* peregrinations for a few minutes, and then, can it really be that I feel like I'm drunk and just have to fall asleep? Already, for no reason?

Then I got up. That was an hour ago. I remember, yes, same air conditioner round. Must be the hottest part of the day. Nothing abnormal when other animals enjoy (sit out / sleep through) the sun-slant hours.

My other option was going to see Batman at the IMAX. I probably would have stayed awake, and then I would have felt guilty for being tired now and unable (unwilling) to slog through four more hours of webbing writing. Still, same results. Maybe I'll wake up tonight / tomorrow around 3 or 4 and feel rejuvenated.

I think I have what Diane has.

* Since when does she have red hair? Wha? I have read this book 20 times (not kidding, o.k., maybe 10), and I should say her hair color is never disclosed. If anything, she's a blonde. It's Undine Marvell who is the red-head. May Archer the blonde, and Madame Olenska, the "dark beauty." Note to kids: Cliff Notes are not always right.

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