Sunday, August 03, 2008


In honor of the muskrat that D. discovered recently on Cliff Drive, I should like to say that not only did he miss out on a great feast (apparently), he also could have cashed in on the fact that the GORSUCH (such gore?) company weaves their "angelina coat" out of such fur.

Holy expenditures, PETA-man, whose research justified sending a ski-apparel catalog with $1,000 coyote boots and $1,000 sport-specific pants to someone like me, who doesn't happen to have a cottage at Aspen?

You have to see page 3, however: ah, yes, the st. moritz poncho, crafted of Italian mink, available for a mere $10,430.

I recognize that location from Lily Bart's world, of course. Maybe the catalog people think that the "Blessings Coming and Blessings Going" mail from the mystery church — which advised that I put the two enclosed pennies in my shoes, walk a few steps and then put one inside and one outside the door — really is set to work, eh?

To A., who has experience writing catalog fodder:  it is of note that this one contains nary a narrative, just the basics of fabric and sizing.  They have even Frontgate beaten on the way rich people must know what they want and require no flowery language to induce spending.


hearmysong said...

wow. that's pricey, even by FG's standards.

I find it absolutely priceless that FG can't hire any freelancers now because they are over budget. Guess the downturn is kicking everyone in the groin.

DKC said...

I have created a new summer elixir that soothes mind and tummy and it's called muskrapture. Nevermind where the ingredients came from.