Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Drill now — drill, baby, drill!

Tell me I didn't just hear a man say that on TV. I'm not watching comedy, right?

Who is this "I'm an African American, too, and we don't need someone who clamors for applause, but who puts our country first?" You can look it up as well as I can. (He's head of GOPAC.)

I will say that the RNC crowd's periodic repeated chanting of the country's initials is more "socialist"-seeming than the nice, genuine-ish enthusiasm I observed at the DNC.

Watch out, they're energized.

I am pissed that liberal media is showing its stripes. Wasn't the DNC on all the major networks? I can only see the RNC on PBS — why?

Here's Mitt Romney calling us to watch for sunrise in the west (Arizona, Alaska). I love it when they get all scientific.

He's telling me that our Supreme Court is liberal because it gave "Guantanamo terrorists Constitutional rights." Are those the ones who were citizens of my country already? You tell me.

And government spending has doubled since 1980. Umm, well, yes, we bought a war, right?

O.k. I won't go on. I had plenty of snarky comments against DNC speakers, too, you just didn't get to see them.

Wait, "It's time for the party of big ideas, not Big Brother." (Which party is that, again?)

Oh, yes, he just pulled the Ronald Reagan card. Good move.

"Immediate" drilling for more oil off our shores (again). (It's not gonna be immediate, no matter who approves what when; the immediate part is that fuel-chain investors will see a rise. Even Sarah Palin admitted that.)

"Republicans believe there is good and evil in the world." (I do, too.) He then invokes McCain: "Radical violent Islam is evil and he will defeat it." (Now who's the Messiah?)

Chant with me and them USA USA USA USA USA USA …

"Never been a day when I was not proud to be an American."

Sorry, buddy, send me to the beach and throw away the key, because I ain't no absolutist. How can you not be ashamed of anything at all?

"… providence of the Almighty …"

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