Sunday, September 28, 2008

Early morning

Just a thought, based on my age and experience: how awesome can the financial bailout package be (and how do I know my Congresspeople have read it), when they were up all Saturday night?

Tomorrow morning, I shall share how well my own work came out after a similar work timeframe.

I calculated it will take 8.5 hours of Sunday to accomplish my overdue goals.

I'm not including all the hours I've already spent collecting and verifying information.

And two major writing projects are still ahead. Only 1,000 and 1,000 words really, but being concise is more difficult than verbosity. So no one knows how many hours remain. And I'll have to eat at some point. And then I'll get tired. And clear thought will cease. But I won't know it until later when I re-read.

I've put in 2.5 hours so far. No, blogging doesn't count. But I had to take a shower and everything, so it's already almost 1 in the afternoon. Six more to go!

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