Friday, September 26, 2008

More Balefulness

The credit card company that my dad hates the most crumbled under its bad mortgage portfolios.

This would be Providian, which became Washington Mutual, or WaMu, which is now owned by big-ass JPMorgan Chase & Co. (thanks to a step-in by FDIC yesterday). Just a couple of billion dollars between friends…

I wonder if they will erase my debt? Ha ha.

Dad scorns them for being the company notorious for jacking up interest rates randomly on customers (such as him, not me).

Which was legal, you know.

Which says something.

Didn't Mr. Morgan also enjoy rampant speculation and such?

Robber barons, anyone? They still have that in the history textbooks?

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DKC said...

I think it's time to see if the French will lend/lease us some guillotines.