Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ooh, it's Mr. NYC

"Hi, I was in on it."

Just kidding; not a real quote.

(Cindy's wearing the pearls again. If those are real, wow.)

"A proud soldier in the Reagan" something something.

What's wrong with an Ivy leaguer who was a community organizer? A military guy is better somehow.

Chicago machine politics. Obama as mafia. Hmm. Sounds like Truman. Darn those Democrats.

Yes, I think he has problems with the non-voting. What is up with that?

Voting "present" is a kind of protest, Mr. 9-11 baseball hat. Yes, making decisions is important. But so is saying, like my Republican brother, "this is crap, and I'm not voting for either of them."

Oooh, "the kind of thing that can only happen in the United States."

Never had to run a business, military leader, etc.

Doesn't that describe our current man? Failed at how many business posts. Didn't go to any war. Skipped the heck out. Screwed up at the Ivy league school! If we can elect someone with a proven track record of failure, what's wrong with electing one that is sweet, young, appears to be honest, and is cute — what's wrong with you, fellow women voters?

Oh, wait, Rudy, you didn't just use the flip-flop card. McCain has changed his silly mind about tax cuts, drilling, etc. Bleh!

"Anything that terrorists do to us … this man is tested … our children … our country will be safe in the hands of John McCain …"

I feel better already, don't you?

I am afraid of "hope as a strategy." Of course I am. But I'm more afraid of a hawkish guy who has the same leadership experience as the other guy. Remember when they said that senators never get elected? I am waiting for the wild card.

"… and YES, off-shore oil drilling."

He's making a joke about "drill, baby, drill." That's what they're chanting now.

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