Monday, December 15, 2008

At Least It's Not a Snow-Blower

Always look on the bright side.
If it were not a Facebook blackout day, I would be bitching about this there.

Nothing like waking up two hours before dawn to the sound of a New Year's noise-maker.

Oh, wait — that's just the sound of the neighbor being OCD and scraping a metal shovel over every inch of their back driveway in the darkness outside my window.  (This is the same one who zooms off on the loud moped pre-dawn during other seasons.  I can handle that much better because it's probably a necessary trip.  Doing the driveway in the dark is not.)

There's barely an inch of snow out there.  We drove home last night in it and there was no issue.  Just because there is no stupid lawn to mow … (we're talking about Ms. Oh, They Mowed Today And Even Though I Mowed Yesterday, Now My Lawn Is Too Tall According To This Microscope And So I'll Get Out There With The Gas-Powered While You're Watching TV Sunday Evening).

OK, now she's out front.  WTF.

Woman, go back to bed!

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hearmysong said...


we had leaf blowers at 7 am on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. hello? don't you people go to church, at least?

i'm visualizing the microscope and cracking up.