Sunday, December 14, 2008


Money's just something you throw ~ off the back of a train;
Got a head full of lighting ~ and a hat full of rain.

I can get over the fact that my bank decided to take five bucks to transfer a franklin from the miniscule savings account to one of the main ones, when there was twice as much in there as the draw was for.

One of my friends has decreased lung capacity for some undetermined reason (part of it is a lack of diagnosis but also is due to my failure to remember any technical terms — I need to write them down), something to do with cysty-type things.

One of my friends has decreased and declining eyesight due to something I have know about forever but, again, have failed to remember.

One of my inlaws needs a cancer biopsy soon.

One of my friend's father seems to be declining suddenly due to some liver dysfunction, to be tested drastically soon, I understand.

One of my friends has some kind of cystic kidney dysfunction and will need a transplant eventually.

Two of my friends' dads have had multiple strokes and attacks.

I should stop. It's been a strange week.

The brutal bursts of wind make it seem like someone is invading.

A few of them have insurance that is useful in some way.

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