Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Because it's sweet

I ran into a couple of friends today at the drug store, and one chided the other, whom I know is diabetic, for having six bags of candy in hand "for the guests."

And my mother in law baked five or so kinds of cookies, and she's a diabetic who exercises all the time and eats appropriately. We all ate too much cheese tonight. And the homily (sermon) was very dull.

Another friend, she made 100 kinds of cookies, too, but so far, she's healthy in the insulin department.

My friend on the east coast was recently told the new guidelines for health dictate 90 minutes of cardio five times a week. She hit the nail on the head with "where does that time come from?" She already does 40 minutes five times a week. She has two kids and a full-time job and doesn't screw around. So she's beating me.

I'm sure I have time to run and jump and bake more, but I'm still playing in college-student mode. That's what it looks like, anyway. More than 10 years ago, I knew people 10 years my (current age's) junior, who, when they were only a few years older than I was then (when I knew them — edit this, people, I'm off the clock for concise rhetoric), had homes, children, pets, and yards. So responsible! And, now, look, I'm playing along too! Ah, the games.

And my jobs have all been the most gleeful of holiday excursions — not. Partially. Just partially. Still, not much progress has been made.

Yes, work sucks.

We do these things because we're in love with sugar. (We have some kind of addiction / dysfunction.) We care to provide. We are attached to the habits we associate with childhood.

Funny to know. Funny to ignore. Funny to eat.

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