Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good gift

Oh, I never give them, and I've trained most people who like me not to give them (to me), but I do acknowledge the shiny happy feeling of "you like me" that comes when someone gets you something that actually fits.

Thank you, Amber (and Chad, but I'm pretty sure it was Amber who shopped this one) for this.

My first designer this or that … not counting the black leather Swan purse I bought in Japan in 1998 for probably $200 (when I had all the cash in the world and 20,000¥ was nothing at all; I do know it was on sale = why I fall into buying most things — so perhaps it was only $100. Still, can you imagine my doing that today? : )

It's fun to get something you actually "need."

I didn't have a black purse that is this decent size.

So, now, someone has to take me matching-shoes-shopping.

Because my mom and brother gave us bunches of money (that I'm actually saving for the moment, since, well, you know, the economy).

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