Friday, May 01, 2009

Day of Labor

Somewhere, many wheres, several 1--- places, a woman is giving birth.

I shall lie on the lawn and see what crawls over me, and
at dawn the breath of soil smells inhaled will remind me that it is spring.

September brings sorrow renewed by personal anniversary; however,
we are choosing this year to take a belated honeymoon toward another wedding.

Theirs is on a ship; both request costumes, and my hope is that then
I will have but one paying job and no non-paying ones.

Hers is on Beltane (belated one day),
and the technical Saturday anniversary of ours (belated two, but both on Derby Day).

You can change anything as easily as the weather in Missouri
and probably as effectively — you are powerless, but time is not.

Time gives rise to creative togs, panels, embracings of life —
otherwise, we are just surviving and have no costumes.

For amphibians, amoebas, fish, crustaceans of the land and sea,
survival is blessedly enough (esp. since we think they think of nothing all day).

Our worries build up higher than Babelicious towers, and we want so badly
to have something, be something, do something more

Than convert
Time to
Work to dollars,
Dollars to things that allow one to
Arrive back at work somewhat rested, usually bathed,
Often fed, adequately clothed, and "willing" to keep on feeding
The self, the debts, the unavoidable expenses of being around
In this country.

Deterioration and entropy happen.
Poems don't always make it to the end.

Everyone needs an editor
is her adage:

This piece — like the little piggies whom (no one talks about it)
apparently died from the flu — had none.

Happy birthday, Mom.

I think you must be 49.

So, I won't be any more than merely and wholly present … I am supposed to
be doing something else even now, but these are my choices.

The ear thing of the year has begun. Mark-ye the ache as starting 48 hours ago;
wait for the fun reports of ├╝ber pains and submissions to Take Care Health Clinic.

Souter, you are going?

These next few days mean we are halfway between the last equinox and the coming solstice.
That was fast.

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Chuck said...

That picture is amazing. Seriously. You have a gift for finding beauty in ruin.