Thursday, October 08, 2009

Have called Thomas the Tank Engine to sort it all out as recommended

A one-ton one-track mind that skips over places in the spiral;
Labyrinths are too familiar to those who have run from bull~
T's transcontinental connectors to all points in the grey glob
Evade completion, like so many projects written up in the
Railway brochure*:
Natural happiness!
Academic advancement!
Tide-overs that harken back to the days of 1991!
Intriguing vocational mountains, scenic views, wildlife~
Very often she stares at all the tracks that run their regular limiteds and dailies,
Each usually on time, but none ever getting very far at a time,
Listening for some kind of clue in the song of the engines —
You would think in this case, capitalism would work.

(*Perhaps promoting parks that are not well-maintained or regulated at all. Traveler, beware; always get references.)

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