Monday, October 05, 2009


1 buffalo, ground and mostly browned — no hormones/antibiotics, yay, buffalo and parks/usda laws! and drained and drained and drained but not rinsed; you can avoid the fatty orange chunks on top after refrigeration / they are few

> 2 tomatoes, diced and canned

>2 beans, kidney, canned and rinsed

1/4 pepper, fresh diced, yellow and red

1/8 pepper, fresh, diced, some seeds, jalapeño

1/6 onion, white, diced

(unknown; you do the math)=x

x chili powder (2.5 Tbs, better the better)

x (2 fat) garlic cloves, minced

x cumin (1 or so tsps)

x ground black pepper (about 45 grinds on the grinding thing)

x salt (recommend x3, depending on who you are and what the/your moon is doing — variable)

some water a few hours into the experience of the crock pot (the small one that is so old it doesn't come apart and is a huge pain to wash; the large one's having been cracked by a recent "in the dark" dial turning — warm does not equal high — on some split pea remnants … followed by a "let's see if it can make one more batch of chili* over the weekend" that ended up with grease-leakage / burning into something that is NOT going to come out of that electric unit, and even if it did, it's up to Craig's List to find a crockery to replace the cracked one. Perhaps aluminum foil barrier would suffice. But purge-now! me has already sent it away with the two-bag limit).

*(cow; mainly and manly; not in charge I, though it was good, but not as "healthy" as this one, of which, my point in starting this post, is: going to be completely consumed sans a bowl or so, by me, in within 4 days, tops — watch me, and watch my "I am a Sandro B." 30-something self evolve; later, a reversion to the athletic lady, which, I think, is 12 years away).

anyway, i'm in love with eating this mostly watery and crunchy thing. we didn't cook it very long and so the chili specks and "juice" are separate, but I like it very (too?) much.

buffalo taste(s) great.

photo forthcoming? (of the food, not me)



hearmysong said...

ewww. but whatever works for you.
i have moroccan chicken in my 2qt crock pot as we speak. and tomorrow i will have veggie chili therein. nummy.

what size is the pot 'o' broken buffalo dreams? (2 qt? 4 qt? 6 qt?)

Applecart T. said...

eew to buffalo? : ( they are lean cows.

broken pot was probably 8 quarts; the one we still have is probably 4? whatever used to be the old fashioned standard size. maybe the broken one was 6 and this one is just 3. i am quart-challenged. will have to fill with water and find out!

Hyperblogal said...

One quart is equal to three hectares.... just think "volume equals mass" unless you're protestant. (P.S. my verification word is "pantsub." I think you're somehow involved in the selection of same.

Anonymous said...

mmm, cooking yourself short: add two sticks of cin..(had to break out the paper dictionary) cinnamon, some bay leaves, corn, the rest of the vegetables you could have chopped up and YEAH! that's some chili. also, oregano and paprika are savory.

Applecart T. said...

don't like cinnamon in most foods. will eat cilantro and habaneros just fine. the paprika in this house is 100 years old and is here for sentimental, not practical, value. also, if i did not like it, i would not have eaten it all. nearly. but i'm sure i would have eaten this second version as much.