Monday, February 15, 2010


10 almonds at 4 p.m.;

2 hot chocolates at 11 a.m. …

with coffee … really just coffee with chocolate shavings and powdered milk in it … leftover from Valentine's Day when he made it and I didn't drink any b/c we wanted food and so walked to You Say Tomato (which was slammed), then Succotash (yes, me; it was also slammed), then started driving to Vietnamese places for Pho and gave up in advance b/c it was Chinese New Year and then ended up at Grinder's West (before it got slammed), where we had the choice of 3 menus and got lovely sandwiches, half of each which ended up being our dinners later, which for me was midnight.

am off tonight, thank the presidents. going to use time to start some buffalo chili, try to do homework for Wednesday night while awaiting his return from Topeka.

have 20 hours of work to do in 1.

really do not believe it is Monday.

starving, sleep-deprived … giving it up as a pre-Lent offering, pretending that mental solidarity somehow "helps" people in Haiti, for example, who are starving and sleep-deprived.


hearmysong said...

wait, you're giving up sleep for lent? because of haiti?
so confused...

Applecart T. said...

no : )

just saying that it's interesting to be all completely screwed up physically (for one's own reasons — like not sleeping and therefore not being hungry or having time to eat — at least until body-clock resets), like so many soldiers or anyone experiencing extreme life conditions, such as haitians.

was making fun of how "giving things up" doesn't help anyone (except the one doing it / if one believes in asceticism).

was probably hungry and sleep-deprived.