Monday, February 15, 2010


Grandmother, maternal, was supposedly manic-depressive.

Without having eaten much (food is sitting right here):

I have, since 11 a.m., presented a web-publishing tutorial to a writer and an intern, actually answered my phones without knowing who was calling and talked to people, made a return call to a prospective writer, worked on macro-planning, micro-managed at least 20 e-mails and their tails of trouble (no, not tales), paid the mortgage (just in time), paid the water bill (just in time), gone to two grocery stores and a pet food store, prepared the chili, reorganized the leftover soups and Chinese foods (homemade and takeout tofus) from giant half-full bowls to exactly-the-same repeated containers in the fridge, remembered to throw the freezer-grease cans into the trash, took out the trash and recycling, washed all the dishes, refilled the cat's lidded portion bowls for the week …

Yes, I promise you I will eat.

I am afraid to go to sleep. Am "making holiday pay" as we speak (so to speak; idiom does not always match reality), thinking about another over-dreamed night and wondering if my shoddy hold on grammar will survive through the spring.

Grandmother, paternal, was an alcoholic.

… eating …

but you have to guess what it is.


hearmysong said...

blue corn tortilla chips?
with a side of guac and beef?
spinach salad with warmed bacon dressing?

Hyperblogal said...

Peanuts from the ceiling.

Applecart T. said...

all that sounds really nice, but, no.
spaghetti-o's and concord missouri.
nondisclosure on ounces.

Nick said...


you're eating vowels because they're filling, but without the crunchy calories of consonants.

that's so like you...

{ back a few fast days; have fun down in ada!}

Hyperblogal said...

Sleep deprivation will result in mania... until the wall looms anyway. Folks who are depressed can sometimes help themselves by staying up all night... or not.