Monday, May 17, 2010

has become an infrequent poster

let's blame facebook, purveyors of anti-privacy;

let's blame a hard drive failure, destiny of anyone on such a machine;

let's blame her fifth grey hair, which is really quite silver and blends almost not-so-poorly with the semi-golden ones and enjoys the privilege of being the first not to be yanked;

let's blame politics, where her energy has fled; she's quite upset by the oil-leak;

and the rest of the time she's watching japanimé.

and then there is work.


Nick said...


CAPTCHA for this comment? drainings

Hyperblogal said...

You're at that stage of life where you forget you even have a blog.... not to worry.....

nashakasha3105 said...

"work" ....looks good,but i decided to enjoy it later with help of eng/jpn dictionary.