Monday, June 07, 2010


I believe that there are at least 3 infections in her body right now.

That thing that seemed like "the usual carpal pain" is really that oven-rack burn from Friday that blistered 20 hours later and then peeled off a few hours later … the back of the hand is quite sensitive. Red circle. Sore. Hoping it fades.

Am not going to go further.

Has laundry drying on 4 floors. You can cross-reference that.

Ate pork two days in a row, 3 meals, all on these fun new-to-me flattish bread multi-grain things that my cousin and I both thought were cookies. My godmother let me take a bag of them home. I swear they are not in my city's stores yet. East-coast / West-coast. (Are far apart; my cousin once rode Harley-back with her hubby to Vegas. "Never again," though they are going that route to Chicago in 2 weeks for my brother's wedding. They are quite a-typical in the Harley set, in my non-described opinion.)

They're going to NYC this Thursday, and we're heading to Salina. We are taking the train to Chicago — driving to Salina, of course. We drove to a wedding in Salem in November … probably never again (at least not in 48 hours : )

You can take that to the bank.


hearmysong said...

sandwich thins?

Hyperblogal said...

I take that you are now Reform instead of Orthodox?

Applecart T. said...

i could post a really boring picture of the bread. it's round and has holes (hence, "cookie-like"), but i didn't get the official bag, just a ziploc, so i don't know. i just know i have never seen them at my store. will look.

amazingly, amtrak is already sold out all that week except for tuesdays. we're driving. it's cheaper anyway and only takes an hour longer. (why they can't just add another car … stupid economic decision, if you ask me). their site is also much less user-friendly than any airline — they make you play reservation roulette to find available dates, instead of just suggesting them). wish we could play in chicago for a week, but we can't.

no one asked about the photo : ) wichita "art pride" parade.