Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It helps

To look at lapines:

Cut grass today. Pulled things out. Ate all the ripe black raspberries off the bush (diminished yield this year … did a cull last fall … new canes will fruit in 2011), did not get any insect bites nor see the yard-snake.

Found 100 rolly-pollies (pill bugs) under the smoking wood soaking in speckleware on the table (wooden magazine rack). Moved it, removed rolly polly fodder.

Need to plant lilies of the valley. One lily, destined and hoped to spread. Not unlike the stupid virulent vines (some are morning glories; some are "wild;" and some are rouges of larger flower from the seeds I used two summers ago; don't worry, I'm winning against them and the walnut stump-tree).

Did a modicum of editing; spent 2 hours running grant supplements to destinations; spent $3 at FedExKinko's to make them look nice.

Have to pack. Am leaving in the morning for Salina, Kansas. Need to check weather.

Found new leak source. Will deal later.


Hyperblogal said...

I'm trying to confirm, but I believe that Salina has been temporarily occupied by the forces of Estonia. Travel light and carry an accordian. AND... my verification word is "fisens" which just happens to be Estonian for Death to Gum.

m.v. said...

Estonians hate accordions. When they hear accordion play they scream "fisens" and other bad words.

Hyperblogal said...

Listen to Meesah :t: he knows the secrets of the Kremlin and other cooking stuff.

Le Grand Lapin said...


A said...

Unrelated to your latest post - I only just discovered your blog links to mine! I am deeply honored and excited to see someone besides my mom knows it exists! I tried to figure out if I know who Curb Girl is but am unsuccessful. Give me a holler and I'd be happy to gush over your excellent writing!