Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have stopped photo-posting

Not having images is a death-throe (is the hyphen necessary) to any online (or printed article, except for the WSJ, and we all know who bought that old thing).

I agree.

Throes can last quite a long time.

Brown recluse spiders apparently can live five to ten years. I once met one who was about that age.

I am tired of meeting certain things (in specific circumstances).

Curb Girl, as she was / as it were, does not walk about as much; it is a known fact that many of her digi-pics were produced with the aid of a motorized vehicle (that died from oil-spill and led to a mere blah tax deduction, a full year before "cash for clunkers" was concieved, and that fact still rankles me : )

When she does, she's usually late (read: can't spare time to stop and snap), or, the route is so routine that there is nothing of interest to note.

Also, the camera is heavy.

As is water.

Choices are not Sophie-like all the time; they are easy.


pom. said...

perhaps a dead bird will grace your path sometime and inspire a photo.

i've realized that my only photos these days are camera phone photos. my "real camera" (still just a little point and click whatever) is generally somewhat misplaced and has no batteries (WHY make a camera that does not have re-chargeable batteries? and how did my Roommate end up choosing that one? heh.).

words are good too.

Hyperblogal said...

I seem to have stopped photo posting although for no particular reason.....

Godknows said...

Good words are great as well but if there are some beautiful photos even better :)