Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I had a point, but now it's just a tech rant

Thank you, Firefox, for so-called blocking redirection notice but then letting what I typed in myself through. I surmise you have a special agreement with the Google. Funny how "hard" it is to post to one's own stupid blog.

I used to use two different browsers, FF for "work" and Safari for "play," and now I remember why.

It's the same annoyance at not being able to have two Excel files simultaneously open at once on the Windows 7 (you know, the one that's like Mac OS X and beyond); Word is different — umm, are you not all the same program; do you think we're all so silly we can't tell which XLS file is in view? Me no get it.

PS, there's this silly stuff as evidenced by image above. Google+, anyone? I think not (I).


hearmysong said...

those are the days i miss pen and ink.
or typewriter and ribbon and correcting fluid.

eew. fluid.

Hyperblogal said...

I ditched WORD for Mac entirely and just use the IWork series...