Sunday, August 14, 2011

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this house (orig. of Mr. Price, who made his fortune along the Missouri River somehow) has belonged to the sisters (Benedictine of Atchison) for a while now, perhaps 20 years or so, and if you can find any data on his first name, etc., you are a better search-engine guru than I; it is not right not to have such data ((heard from a nun's head)) easily found on a library site online; it's a pretty house ((I was inside)), and I envy anyone who lived there or works there now, except I'm sure that 150+ years ago it was not a "fun" place to be, nor would I like to be a sister up in nowhere-KS)

RE: subject line — it does not seem to offer anything better than "delete history after 1 day."

Google/Firefox says it does not store at all, if one choses "do not store."

I do not know whom to believe. I should say "which company" in lieu of "whom," but the Supreme Court and then … (that one fellow running for president) said that corporations are people. Long live English-as-it-evolves.

In other news: 1.5-hr. call with Dad today = he sounds like life is all about having trouble breathing. He called around 2, and I was cleaning; I called back around 4 and he was "just getting up from a nap."

He will be 75 on Saturday.

My mother's father turned 82 on Friday; he had quad-bypass surgery on my birthday (about a month ago) and is doing well enough (better than my dad).

Both have heart disease and are thereby way American.

Both have excellent health care (yay, Medicare + union pension / fed. gov't insurance). They both have opinions that are political (and opposite), and that makes me laugh (until I look at my own prospects).

Guess which is which, and I shall send you something random and perhaps valuable from my home/art/collections. I promise it will not be a 12-year-old cat that howls randomly, unless you are in need of a grey-and-white being who "can see dead people."

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